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Coronavirus effects!!! Best 10 active E-commerce websites during the lockdown in Tunisia…

Covid-19 the black swan event of the year 2020, has made a lot of effects on each sector all over the world, some industries has failed and some has an incredible growth like the digital sector and especially the E-commerce sells.

In Tunisia people has passed their quarantine days setting at their homes and start ordering delivery for different needs : foods , household appliances, clothes , beauty products and many others. IOVision team made some research about the best active E-commerce websites in Tunisia during the lockdown let’s explore it together :

1- Carrefour Tunisia :

Carrefour Tunisia allows to sell various products online by  e-commerce web site such as: food products, hygiene and beauty, home maintenance, products for babies and small appliances. For the costs of delivering the products, they vary depending on the point of sale and the destination.

2- Founa:

This marketplace launched by MG Tunisia, Founa e-commerce website sell a products from different brands such as : Gourmandise, Zanimo, Yves Rocher, Palet Royale, Kalys, Mon Bijou, Bombata… This site allows its customers to have a wide choice of products and allows partner sellers to have a large number of potential buyers.

3- Jumia:

One of  the most well-known e-commerce sites in Tunisia, Jumia.tn offers more than 12 product categories, namely food products, clothing, beauty products, household appliances, etc…

4- Le marché.tn:

This e-commerce site is specially created to sell online various food products such as: fruits, vegetables, fine spices, products from the drawers. This site specializes in its very reasonable prices. The advantage of this site, since it is dedicated to the sale of food products, it offers its visitors some recipes for different dishes and desserts.

5- Wamia:

It’s an e-commerce site wich offers to its customers the online sale of different categories of products with reasonable prices. Among the categories of products available on Wamia.tn: household appliances, IT products, TVs, gardening products, beauty products, etc…

6- Mytek:

Mytek represents the first online sales site for high tech products in Tunisia specialized on sale of laptops, smartphones, household appliances… Mytek  guaranteeing for it’s customers the ease of the delivery procedure whatever for professionals or individuals.

7- Babymam:

This site specializes in the sale of baby products. Moms can find everything they want for their baby. The advantage of this site is that it offers mothers a variety of products and range with the best prices. If you also want to buy your products with low prices, you often find products on promotions.

8-Try and Buy:

It’s an online store that sells computer and appliance products all over Tunisia. Try and buy  offer a discounts to take advantage of the purchase of the desired products with the best costs.

9- Parashop:

It’s an online parapharmacy , ranked as a first e-commerce site in Tunisia especially during the quarantine. Parashop sell: body products, face, hair and sun products, plus food supplements and products for men such as shaving products, face care and many others.

10- Paraclic:

It’s an e-commerce website selling parapharmaceuticals products for body, face and babies too. This site allows buyers to order online and receive orders at the latest as soon as possible and delivery is free for orders over 120dt.

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