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E-commerce in Tunisia Where are we !!!

 E-commerce in Tunisia is a dynamic sector, Tunisia has about 1150 e-commerce sites, with 7.55  million Internet users and a turnover of 100 million dinars made via e- dinar and SPS (secure payment servers).
Today the Tunisian web has become a market in its own right, and the buying habits of Tunisians are changing.

E-commerce statistics in Tunisia :

Total population : 11.76 million

Internet users : 7.55 million

Mobile phone connection : 17.77 million 

Active social media users : 7.3 million 

Age groups: 25-34 years (hold the first position in terms of number of users)

Gender: Male  (58%), Female  (42%)

Geographic trends: Over 98% of e-commerce transactions are carried out in Tunis, Sfax, Sousse and Gabes respectively.

Popular products: Clothes and shoes, High-tech products, Watches, Perfumes, Beauty and makeup.

Payment methods used: Cash on delivery, Bank transfer and Credit card.


Total population : +1.1% → +127 Thousand

Mobile phone connection : +1.2% → +219 Thousand

Internet users: +0.6% → +48 Thousand

Active social media users : +6.9% → +473 Thousand

 E-commerce growth  in Tunisia :

The E-commerce market is experiencing real development in Tunisia, especially since the creation of the Ministry of Technology and Digital Economy to organize this sector.

Buying online offers consumers the opportunity to open up to new markets, buy from anywhere in the country, save time and take advantage of promotions offered by merchant sites to appeal to their customers.
If consumers find their accounts, merchants also profit by selling their products and services online. Indeed, the latter take advantage of the use of navigation data to have as much information as possible about their potential customers in order to prepare offers that meet their needs.

This competitive advantage has enabled the market to expand in Tunisia, hence the development of several commercial sites that have become benchmarks in the country.

 E-commerce payment methods : 

In Tunisia, payment on e-commerce sites is organized by a secure payment server (SPS) managed by the Tunisian electronic banking company: It is a system set up by local authorities to authorize use bank cards in a secure environment and serve the interests of online merchants and buyers.

On electronic platforms, the SPS allows you to:

1-Identify the sellers 2-Take all transaction information 3-Send an online payment authorization request to the tunisian electronic banking company. 4-Provide the transaction information to the consumer with a payment receipt. 5-Provide the an acknowledgment of delivery of the goods to the merchant.

All banks operating in Tunisia are authorized to market bank cards which authorize electronic transactions. The cards available are: Master Card, Visa and CIB.

The E-dinar: Pay through the Tunisian Post service:

The Tunisian monetary authorities offer, other than the bank card solution, the E-dinar service marketed by the Tunisian Post: These prepaid cards authorize any commercial operation on a Tunisian platform. A distinction is made between e-DINAR SMART and e-DINAR Universal cards, which differ in the advantages they offer to users.

To conclude, The e-commerce market in Tunisia is booming. That said, the growth rate in terms of e-commerce transactions is expected to reach more than 60% in the near future.

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