Google Cloud announced  a special version of Contact Center AI, software that helps businesses deploy virtual agents for customer support, especially to answer questions about the pandemic and the Covid-19.

The new Rapid Response Virtual Agent program is designed for government agencies, health organizations and other sectors severely affected by the global health crisis, including travel, financial services and retail.

Using Rapid Response Virtual Agent, Google says organizations can quickly deploy chatbots to answer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, either by voice, chat, or social media.

The new program is available worldwide in the 23 languages supported by Dialogflow, the core technology of Contact Center AI. Dialogflow is a development platform for creating chatbots and interactive voice responses (IVR).

The Rapid Response Virtual Agent program allows customers to use Dialogflow to personalize chat dialogs with customers who are looking for information on the Covid-19. Customers can also integrate open source models from organizations with similar digital tools. For example, Verily, in partnership with Google Cloud, launched the open source virtual agent model Pathfinder virtual agent template, for healthcare systems and hospitals.